Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Oh lucky me, I have made it through another year!
Not that I thought for one minute that I wouldn't,
but sometimes you never know. Anyway, on Wednesday
I will be the great age of 55. Who would of thunk?
I remember (yes, my memory is still partially there) back
in elementary school thinking about the year 2000 and
what age I would be then. I couldn't comprehend being
that "old"...yet here I am. For turning 55 I can get a
tall cup of coffee at the Coffee Beanery for only $1.00.
Woohoo! So in celebration of my birthday I bought
myself a piece of jewelry from Ingrid Dijkers.
Ingrid is a multi-talented artist, not only in her
jewelry making skills, but she is a journalist and a
doll artist too.
She also has been doing the Michigan Ren Fest for a few years.
I was hoping to get there this year and visit her in her shop.
But it's looking like it won't be happening, time is running out
and there is so much to do around here. Next year for sure.

Ingrid has a nice blog, and a beautiful website.
I have so much more to write about, this week
was busy and I did so much. I'm going to get
back on the blogging, I've been missing that.

And here is Rubee Dew looking bashful. It's been one
week since we brought her home and we just adore her.
She is so different from Bailey, but that's what we love
about her. She is such a smart girl. God sent me another
Angel that's for sure.


  1. Happy Birthday Sista!! I know it is a few more days away. I wish you a birthday like I had this year. It just kept going and going with day's full of surprises.

    That Rubee Dew is just the sweetest looking girl.
    I really missed my family tonight.
    I glad you posted!

  2. Wow, love that you treated yourself to something from Ingrid - she really does make wonderful necklaces! She's been on my favorite list for some time.
    Rubee Dew is so adorable!!

  3. Happy Birthday a little early! Ruby is adorable. So is she on the bed yet? I love Ingrid's work and I think at the grand young age of 55 you deserve a treat of her work.

  4. Happy Birthday! What a great necklace!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Hi Rosanne,
    Have a wonderful Happy Birthday today. Hope you have sunshine, great food, and enjoy wearing your new necklace.

  7. Happy Birthday fellow Libra! Wonderfilled wishes for a great 55!

  8. Wednesday? Oh, Well...that's today, isn't it! Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Day, Happy Day! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  9. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Gee I got up feeling the same way I do every! 39 is a great age to be stuck at.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, It looks like you and my son Adam share the same day, he is 5. I hope you have a great year :)