Monday, September 14, 2009

And we shall call you Rubee...

because you are a bright little jewel in our life.
This is our newest addition to the Garvison family.
Her "real" name is Briar Hills Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
But that was a bit too much and we shortened it down
to something a little easier. Rubee Dew....

9 months old today. A little girl in a big dog's body. We have
lots of fun together. We're working on our housebreaking
skills. She's used to running in and out, playing in a fenced in
area. But she is a smart girl and she's learning fast.

She's just the sweetest thing. Gives lots of kisses and isn't
afraid of anything. Rubee didn't have a clue how to climb
stairs, but after one day she's up and down them like a champ.

An absolutely gorgeous color. Black and Silver. Never seen
one that color before. This is her show coat. Sheri had to
choose between Rubee and her brother to keep and show, the
handler like Coop better and we got Rubee.

She has toys, lots of them and getting more all the time.
Can't help it I like squeaky!
She's used to sleeping in her crate at night. I'm trying to
keep it that way. Beverly and I have a bet on how long it
will be before she's sleeping in bed with me.
I'm winning so far, but it's only been 3 days. We'll just have
to see how it ends up.


  1. She looks like an absolute sweetheart! Welcome, Rubee!!
    Sorry, Rosanne, but I don't think I'd be betting on her staying in that crate... LOL

  2. I just love the name! She looks so sweet and cuddly. I will meet her in December. :)

  3. Congratulations Rosanne. She's the sweetest!!

  4. Cute! My friends' pitbull sleeps with them, so I'm sure she'll be there soon!

  5. She's a gorgeous girl! 3 whole days of night crating is an absolute wonder. With the sofa, we lasted 3 whole days. Now we have 2 dogs on the sofa. I'm not betting, but I don't think you'll hold out too long. Enjoy your new baby!

  6. What a cutie! She looks so much like my mom's Schnauzer, Kristy...I am glad that she's getting used to life in her new world :o)

  7. Rubee, Rubee, Rubee do you love me?
    Rubee, Rubee, Rubee do you care?
    We were thinking of all the Ruby songs out there. Ruby Tuesday the Stones. Ruby, don't take your love to town...Kenny Rogers
    Yes, I am losing my heart already to this little girl. I'm still not taking her to bed with me though. I think I I know I won't let her sleep with! I don't mind the sofa.

  8. Oh my, she's gorgeous!!! I'm a sucker for schnauzers! Congrats on your new baby girl.

  9. She is so cute! Congrats on new family member:)


  10. She looks like a wonderful dog! Congrats on adding her to your home!

  11. Oh what a beauty !!! May she bring you much joy. Congratulations !!

  12. Cricket and I can't wait to meet Rubee. I would have lost that bet 3 days ago. I forgot what did we bet?
    Love your sister

  13. Only time will tell Beverly.
    I'm just having so much fun with her. I think we wouldn't sleep very well together. But I'm holding out as best I can.

  14. Aww Rubee, what a beautiful girl! Love her color too!