Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trinkets and Treasures

My treasures I found last weekend at the Arts and Crafts
Fair. I think I got some pretty good ones this time around.
My garden statuary....

I'm thinking I'll just store it in the barn till next spring, its
too late to do much of anything and I am not feeling the pull
of nature like I do in the spring. And if you look, you can see
that the leaves are slowly falling from the trees. Not the full
beauty of fall, but hey, autumn officially begins on the 22nd of

While we wondered around the park last weekend I found
these cool wooden objects. I really liked the little bird house.
I know the man, Don Olson, and over the last couple of years
I've watched his work get better and better.

I also picked up this wine stop for Geary for Christmas.

In the park are these huge oak trees. Scattered all over
were acorns. Now I love gathering acorns as much as a
squirrel. I use the tops for caps on woolen acorns that I
make. So the day after the show I went back to the park
to get some the acorns before the hordes of squirrels who
live there could get them. I swear as I was standing under
a tree, I heard this squirrel doing his little bitchy squawking
above me and darn if an acorn didn't fall out of the tree just
missing my head! Do I think he had sense enough to drop it
on me? You betcha, little tree rats that they are!

Anyway these are some of the perfect acorns I brought home
with me. There was this different tree that had these sweet nuts.
Look at those caps! Are they not the cutest? I'm not
sure if its an acorn tree , so I brought a leaf home with me to look
it up. Alas, I haven't done it yet, but I will.

Next week is the Allegan County Fair. My favorite thing to
do in September. And only two more days before we travel
to Ohio to see about that sweet little girl, and hopefully we
bring her home with us. I'm sure we'll fall in love with her.
I saw a pamphlet from the Humane Society, their logo was
this: Come and Get Your Love


  1. Oh, look at your acorns. Ours are so small and wimpy - the squirrels won't have anything to eat this year. I know there is some kind of science involved in the amount of size of acorns, I'm just not sure what it is. Also, love your garden thingies. Your husband is going to see his gift - unless he doesn't read your blog, like the engineer doesn't read mine.

  2. You've got a talented wood artist in your neck of the woods. Great gift for a guy ... and love the birdhouse!

  3. Love the garden statuary. And the birdhouse is so lovely. As for the acorns - I've never seen any like those, but the leaf definitely looks like an oak, so they must be.

  4. I have that Obelisk! Just in case you're wondering - it holds up well in the snow. Didn't seem to dull the color or crack it in anyway. It's one of the favorite parts of my garden....

  5. Sheryl is that what its called?
    An Obelisk, sounds kind of magical.
    I love it too.