Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Every year on Labor Day weekend there is a craft show
in our town. My sister Bev and I used to do this one show
every year. It was always a biggy. Now I just go and
wander around looking at all the stuff. This year was a good
one for having quality vendors. Lots of interesting things
to look at. Still an over kill on jewelry booths...
like one out of four.

Traffic is heavy after the bridge goes back down.

There weren't as many vendors and I would say the crowd
was way down from other years.

There was this one artist that I just loved. He had tables
and mirrors made of oak with inlays of leaves. I fell in love
with the ginkgo leaves. The dragonfly at the top was inlaid
mother of pearl. Other leaf types were oak with acorns and
a Japanese scene with cherry blossoms. Just gorgeous and
way out of my price range. Anywhere from $850 for the
mirrors to over $1500 for the tables. Beautiful work.

One of the things I found was this garden statue. It has the
four directions with a whimsical picture for each. I got it
and Aman, my son carried it to the car for me. That thing
must of weighed over 50 pounds! He carried it about two
blocks for me. Gee, thanks for bringing me along mom!
But I bought him a couple of beers for all his hard work,
bless his heart. Tomorrow is for cooking out with family.
These weekends go by too fast.


  1. I really miss doing that craft show. It felt funny not to be in South Haven this weekend. Aman is looking good! Good thing you brought him along to carry your statue. The table was beautiful with the dragonfly. Have fun with the family tomorrow.

  2. It's all in the payment :o)

    When my mom lived in Tennessee, our neighbor down the street would watch the dogs and cats, and all he asked for in return was a bottle of alcohol :o)

    Glad you had a good day!

  3. What a lovely table! Good thing you had your son with you. Will you show us a close up of your garden piece?

  4. Sounds like a great event. Best of all it looks like you are having some summer too. This summer has left us all longing for nice weather. Hope to see a pic of your lawn piece. Looks nice from your son's arms. Aren't grown up sons great!!

  5. Oooo, aaaah, that wood inlay piece has my mouth watering. I love ginko leaves and when there is a dragonfly thrown in for good measure, well that is bliss. Yes, please do show us the garden piece in place at home. Your garden always looks so nice. I can't wait to see it.

  6. wow, that table is so beautiful. I wish I had been there with you! Although I wouldn't have carried the garden sculpture, so it's a good thing you had Aman along instead.

  7. Tomorrow I will take pics and show you the garden piece. Today we spent having fun with the family.
    Yes, grown sons are good to have around. This week we are cleaning my potting shed, washing pots and storing stuff for next spring.

  8. I have seen that woodworker at a show in Lake Geneva, WI. Gorgeous! I fell in love with the table too, but also out of my price range! :-)