Saturday, September 26, 2009

AbFab (Absolutely Fabulous) bead finds

Absolutely Fabulous....that's one of my favorite shows on
BBC, actually they have quite a few good ones that I like to
watch. But what does that have to do with bead finds you say?
Absolutely! I'm just wandering around in my
mind on a cloudy Saturday morning.
Last weekend was a fun day all by myself, doing a little
shopping, running to Grand Rapids to a Rings and Things show.
My favorite thing to do in the Spring and Fall. Lucky us we
get to see them twice a year around here. So I made a list and
off I went. But before R & T I stopped at Hobby Lobby, just
to look around, and guess what I found while I was there?
Vintaj! They are carrying Vintaj now. How lucky for the people
who see it being used in everything, now they can go and buy
a piece or two for themselves and not have to break the bank.
I was excited...there is enough selection that if I need something
in a hurry I can get it there. Thanks Vintaj, its good to see
something made in the States hanging on the wall.

I didn't buy a lot of beads at Rings and Things, I made a
vow to use up most of what I have and that could run into
years...but there were a few items I couldn't live without and
one or two I should have gotten more of.

Kyanite, peridot, garnet, carnelian, onyx, petrified wood
and a yummy strand of faceted mixed rutilated quartz.

I got strands of copper, silver and these cute owl heads of
sterling too.

One last thing to tell you, I found that Jade Scott, an
artist and designer was having a three day sale in her Etsy
shop, everything is 50% off and boy howdy after I got this
piece for myself I had to go and get another one. She makes
the coolest pendants, but her jewelry is wonderful too.
Better hurry if you want something sales ends tomorrow and
things are going fast.
Ok, the very last's Rubee begging...
"Come ON Mom, you said we would go for a walk!" My little
girl is so sweet.


  1. I loved when I saw Vintaj stuff at Hobby Lobby! So nice to have it there and for decent prices :o)

  2. I went Hobby Lobby yesterday too. We took a little trip to Mississippi to visit. I had Art make a side trip. I picked up a few pieces of Vintaj.

  3. don't you love the package for the vintaj findings, so perfect.

    great finds at the show. i'm always in so much trouble when the come to town. i have no self control.

    man that is a great necklace from jade scott, she is so great with color.

    missing you today!!!

  4. OMG - I am in love with your dog! She is just beautiful... I'd love to have another schnauzer. Not sure how my current one would feel about that though, lol.

  5. Vintaj at Hobby Lobby? Amazing! What great bead finds and Ab Fab was my fave show when we lived in Australia. We don't get BBC programing here. More's the pity.

  6. I am so happy for the Vintaj at Hobby Lobby too! Love the little owl beads! And I love Jade Scott too!

  7. Oh yea, just great, I move to a city without Hobby Lobby...:(

    Your doggie is just cutest!


  8. Love the owl heads! They're reminding me of ancient Greek coins. I think the wise owl was a symbol of Athena / Athens...hmm, here comes a design idea... :)


  9. Wow those are beautiful finds. Lorelei would LOVE those owl head beads. Very cool.I don't know how you get anything done with that lovely princess around. She looks like she's a snuggle girl & i would be tempted to just snuggle all day. Have a great weekend. Mel