Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Saturday Stuff

There's a bead show in Grand Rapids today. I thought
about going last night, but by this morning I talked
myself out of it. I have lots of stuff around the house
and yard that needs to be taken care of and since the
weather is so nice this is the perfect weekend to do it.
So with that being said, I sat down on the computer and
that's where I still am! I subscribe to Lion Brand Yarn Co.
This month they have the cutest Halloween projects for
the crocheter. (that could be me).

Halloween masks! How cute are these?

Then they had all kinds of candies you could make up.
How thrilled do you think the kids would be to get these?
That's what I thought, not too many, but the Mom's would
love it. I see tricks for the people who give these out!
They are "sweet"...hahaha...anyway.

Then they had bags to crochet and felt. I can relate
to the bags. I don't think I'd carry one around, but
I thought these were cute too. So if you want to look
at something fun, go to Lion Brand. I'm gonna get a
Red Bull, drink it and get outside.....;^)
Red Bull it gives you wings...........

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