Sunday, October 12, 2008

That's a Wrap!

After spending most of Saturday cleaning out pots of old flowers
and vegetables. I took a couple of pictures of the changing of the
leaves for my sister Beverly. Sorry Bev, it was the wrong time of
day and they didn't turn out as good as I wanted them too. But
there's more on my Flickr.
So after working, I decided I could play and I spent the rest of the
weekend mastering the skill of wire wrapping. They say practice
makes perfect, and I needed a lot of practice. I think I have it
pretty "wrapped" around my brain now. I learned too, that like in
working with seed beads, its better not to scrimp on the thread
and have too much, than to have to little. It works the same
way with wire. I wasted more wire (and time) trying to save wire.
I have some of the best wire that I got from Jeanette Blix...its
from Vintaj and its just the perfect shade to go with the chains you
can get now.
At the top of the picture, using Blue Seraphim's
(Jeanette Jennings) disk beads, I tried the method out of
the July Bead Style issue.It was from Heather Boardman's
disk bracelet article. The lone little pink bead was from
Tammy Powley at Jewelry Making. It was the
easiest and I really liked that one. Last was just wrapping
using headpins...lots of headpins! And in my honest opinion,
I prefer the look of brass and gunmetal to sterling silver.
Its a lot easier to keep clean and if you mess up the wire it
doesn't cost you an arm and a leg!
So that's a wrap and I am out of here!


  1. The fall colors are beautiful. I really miss the change of seasons. It is still a balmy 74 degree at midnight.
    Wowza on the wire wrapping! Are you using that new tool from Rio Grand?

  2. No, thanks for reminding me! I forgot all about it. I'll pull it out and try it tonight. This is our last day of warm weather and then its cooling down ;^(

  3. I think they look great!
    I tried this wrapping technique like the bracelet at the top. It's NOT easy. I, too, wasted a ton of wire in that technique.
    I found that just slipping the wire through the ring half way, and bending both ends up...trim one wire to a quarter inch, and then wire wrap the long wire around the shorter wire to hide it, worked best for my rings.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think that's a great suggestion. I just made less wraps the first time and cut it off. No two wraps look the same. I really like the look you get with that wrap. I have some great CD's from Eni Oken and Sherilyn Miller that I should pull out and watch now. That's wire wrapping if you want to be a master. Thanks for your suggestion Lorelei.