Friday, May 1, 2009

Rings and Things

Tomorrow is the day that Rings and Things
comes to Grand Rapids. I'm ready to go spend
the afternoon with my sister Sue and Kayla.
Meeting Dort there too since I haven't seen her
in a while. I get so excited when they come to
our area. Wahoo!
After this weekend I'm pretty much gonna be
gone. Next week starts the Spring rummage
sale at our Church, if you hadn't heard it before,
its something I got involved in and then somehow
I managed to become the person in charge of it...
twice a year. Anyhoo, it sucks all my energy for
the next 7 days, starting Sunday. So I'll be
reading your blogs and falling to sleep in my dinner
after Sunday night.


  1. Hope you have a great time at Rings and Things and make some lovely finds!

  2. I hope you will post pics of your Rings and Things finds. I hope to go to the one nearish to us this year. Never have been before.
    Have a fun day.

  3. I for sure will find great stuff and take pictures when I get home.
    I really look forward to this twice a year.