Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Bead Scene Entry

It's finished! And wouldn't you know it.
Today is the day with the least amount of sunshine possible.
The picture doesn't begin to do it justice, ah well such is life.
The art bead was made by me, in Heather's (polymer clay)
class on the bead cruise. It was just so perfect for this month's
challenge. I added a strand of pastel button pearls,
galvanized size 11 one cuts and a strand of size 8 seafoam
green seedbeads. In that strand I added a few mother of pearl
flowers and some sterling. I think Venus would approve.


  1. Venus would approve. The art bead you made is gorgeous!! Perfect combination with the pearls and flowers. It is a winning combination.

  2. It is just lovely, so serene like the painting. And that art bead you made is beautiful. The Yiruma you've had playing a couple of times is so beautiful. My partner and I are off in search of some of our own to listen to when ever we like.

  3. Very pretty! I love that you used an art bead that you made with your own hands :o) The thought crossed my mind, but got banished somewhere along the way..

  4. Very lovely piece and your artbead is lovely!

  5. Loveley piece. I like that you made multi strands in different size beads and the way they set off your great art bead.

  6. So stunning!!!! This is such a beautiful piece.

  7. Gee thanks everyone for your kind comments. Made my Friday a perfect day.
    LeAnn, I play Yiruma over and over, haveen't gotten tired of him yet. Got some of these really cool barnacle pendants yesterday in the mail, and I have some big plans for those...gorgeous!
    Katie, you crack me up...why would you banish your beads you made? I saw them and they were great. You better use them.
    Big hugs to all of you!

  8. love it! absolutely delightful! i especially love those button pearls! i use fresh water pearls in my designs but your mix of chain and ceramic and pearls are just devine! have you tried working with gold caps? they would look fabulous with those pearls!