Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bead finds from Rings and Things

These are some of the beads I found at R and T yesterday.
My bead Fairy was there to guide us to the show as it
wasn't in the same place as it usually is, and if I would have
read it on their website I would have known. But I wasn't
the only one, we met two women that followed us to the
right destination. Thank goodness to for Onstar, although
I didn't quite make all the turns it wanted us to, that's where
my fairy came in to guide us.
Fancy Jasper, snakeskin jasper, brown lava, and silver mist.

New jade, amethyst, mother of pearl (faceted) and rhodonite.
I got a couple of plated leaves in copper, I was leery of
them at first, but once I got them out of the package and saw
how substantial they were, I was really pleased. And I got
a coupon for 15% off on any order before the end of May...
I got my nose in the catalog!
Dane is looking cool in his shades, trying to
keep a low profile, especially since his Aunt
Rosanne has been acting pretty crazy lately.

Day one of sorting rummage...somebody brought
in a box full of dresses and ruffly slips from their
square dancing days. So of course I put on the
ruffles and treated the girls to my version of the
Can Can. All the older women said they remember
wearing these under their skirts in high school.
Hmmm....I'm glad I can't say the same ;^)


  1. Glad to hear you made it to the show just in time to find some treasures.
    You know as long as you provide great entertainment at the rummage sale they will keep you forever! *grin* Maybe you should bring those skirts home with you. You can take them back next year!

  2. Looks like you got some great things to play with! Of course, you'll need something to accessorize those ruffled slips with!

  3. there is never a dull moment when you are around!

    love the beads, i have been playing around with those lava beads - fun stuff!

  4. Hey, glad the bead fairy intervened & got you to the show on time! That top photo is a pretty great color scheme -- coincidence, or do you have plans in mind?

    (@Rings_Things on Twitter)

  5. OMG! Thanks for making my day! Those petticoats are a hoot!

  6. Hey everyone, I'm still kind of alive here. I drag myself home every night and that is about all can!
    Dave, I gravitated right to the lava beads and from there things just seemed to go does have more of an earthy fall color scheme going, but who knows what they will be.
    We are still moving those petticoats and dresses around, nobody wants to throw them away...any takers?

  7. Thanks for the great pics of the Rings& Things treasures. Looks like high quality. Love those burgundy colors.