Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogging is like...

exercise or dieting. You know how
you go at it religiously and slowly you
drop a day or maybe two and then it
seems like you quit all together? That's
kind of the direction I see myself going in
lately, at least with my blogging. Or maybe
my life just got really boring and I don't
have much to talk about. Yeah, that's
it...I've become boring. I've been
waiting for the daffodils to push up and
bloom. And I have seen signs that this
could be happening.

Actually, I've purchased a couple of really
great beading books and have enjoyed
pouring over the pages. Lot's of inspiration
going on there. The two books I got are:

A Charming Exchange
by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae

Semiprecious Salvage
by Stephanie Lee

Love them both, but my real favorite is
The Semiprecious Salvage. I find myself
thumbing through it quite a bit and actually
reading (I know that sounds bad). Usually
I look at the pictures or jump right to the
directions. But Stephanie has little stories
written through out the book, like pages of
a journal. She has some very interesting
ideas for making found art items.

And last, but not least Nancy at the Rabbit Muse
is having a great sale in her Etsy shop. 25%
off everything till April 5th. That's no joke
either. I'm gonna roam around her shop and
see if there's something I might need. So hop
on over and see what she has, you won't be


  1. well I hope blogging is a little more fun than a diet!

    maybe things will lighten up when spring arrives. I'm always happy to read your posts.

    I have both those books and agree that they are inspiring. I really loved the charm exchange one.

    We bought resin this week, just sayin.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my sale, Rosanne! XOXO!

    Stephanie's book is one of my favs!

  3. Your right Heather, blogging is much more fun than dieting. I was making excuses for myself, when there really wasn't any to use.
    Resin hey? I'm experimenting myself on some things....

  4. Nancy, it crossed my mind a while back that I'd never seen you have a sale and ta da! you're having one now. Its a must get sale for me...thank you very much ;^)
    I love getting great books, once in a while there are some that just take it up a notch. Stephanie's is that one for me.

  5. uh-oh. I'm horrible at dieting. I hope that's not going to be an omen for my blogging:)

    That picture is really pretty.