Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Mom went to Mexico....

And all I got was this stupid hat! And she has the nerve to put it
on me so she can show other people. But I'll tolerate it, because
that's the sweet dog that I am. And I do look kind of cute, even
if I'm not a Taco dog.

Yes Bailey does hate hats. But I love to dress her up.
Finally I got some pictures done. I still have loads to do,
But I thought I should share these now before its ancient history.

Our ship the Norwegian Spirit. One of the smallest ships I've been on.

Leaving the port in New Orleans. That day was as cold as any
winter day in Michigan. Pretty nuts. I remember going outside
on the deck later in the evening and slowly feeling the temps
warm up. What a relief that was!

First night out we got our name tags and gift bags. Heather had Lorelei
as a helper. I finally got to put a face to the name of Lori.
She was so quiet...didn't she post about how she cusses and talks
all the time? That was far from the truth. She's a sweetheart and
I really enjoyed spending time with her.

First stop Costa Maya. The dancers were so colorful and looked like
they were having fun. I wanted a twirly skirt like the women were
wearing. Lucky for me and everyone else around I couldn't find
one. I have no shame when it comes to making an idiot out of myself.
Do you know you can look really scary in one of those bright red
table clothes? That's all I got to say about that!

Santo Thomas de Castilla

Altuna Ha ruins in Belize. One of the coolest places to visit.
Amazing to think that you are walking in a place built thousands
of years ago. Image what it looked like back then...all fresh
carved stones, they had a market place in the center of the temple.

Cozumel, Mexico
I have many more things to share. Please come back and look.
Check out my Flickr page, there will be lots more there.


  1. dawg-gone that Bailey is too cute in her hat!!! The picture of Heather and Lorelei another one of my favorites! Great pictures and memories of Bead Cruise 2009

  2. I love seeing your photos of the the bead cruise trip. Sounds like it was a great experience. Great vicarious experience for me. I will look for more.

  3. Don't you just love to cruise, everything is done for you and the food, oh the food! Hope you had lots of fun and sun, it's plain you had good company, for sure!