Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm not much of a gadget girl...I don't need
an iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or any other
technological wonder. A simple cell phone
(with camera) is about all I can handle.
But I found this the other day while looking at
Amazon and since then I have been lusting
after it. Trying to figure out ways to get
this electronic marvel for myself.
I love to read, I buy books by the bag full,
usually I pass them on to my sister or friends.
But buying books can really add up. I save
my favorites for myself, but I am running
out of room to store them. Here is the answer
to my problem: The Kindle!
It will store up to 1500 complete
books for me to reread over and over again...
Just think of the possibilities...more room in your
carry on or suitcase when traveling...those books
get heavy. No piles of books sitting around the house,
on the nightstand or in the "library".
I need that room for my special bead books.
One of these days it will be mine. I just have to figure
out when and how.......


  1. The Kindle is really cool isn't it!! I have been to Amazon and read the information about it. Your sister will miss the books you pass on. *grin*.

  2. I know, but I can still get them at the rummage sale for you if you want! Its just a wishful thing for me right now.

  3. i know how you can do it.

    two words.


    do it do it do it do it do it!!

  4. Check out Sony's electronic reader, too - Thomas and I both have one of those...We researched both of them and checked out the Sony version in a Sony Style store and decided that was more what we wanted...(and it comes in pretty colors, too...mine is blue)...But, if you travel, it's great to have! After our luggage was almost overweight on a trip last year because of all of the books I was taking to read on vacation, he decided that I HAD to get some kind of reader...

  5. Thanks Katie. I am so behind the times. I thought Amazon had the market on readers...dah! I'll give it a look see.

  6. very cool...

    is it super $$$$$ ?

    mona & the girls

  7. $359.00....but I have a coupon for $25.00. So it looks better all the time. I'm still researching and comparing that and a Sony. so far the Kindle is the better one.

  8. I think it's super cool in concept but I would miss the tactile aspect of turning the pages! That, and I think I'm single handedly keeping our local library branch open!

  9. Melissa,
    My husband keeps the libraries going around here. He likes books on tapes best, reading puts him to sleep. Like in seconds...its kind of funny. I just love to read, I don't think I'd miss turning pages;^)
    did I mention that I liked what you did to you website. Putting everything on fewer pages is great.

  10. And ok Lorelei I will get my shop going...sheesh you sound like Heather! That's not a bad!

  11. i've been lusting after this guy for awhile, too! isn't it amazing? i saw an interview on charlie rose - with the head of amazon (his name is on the tip of my tongue) ... and he was going on and on about it. very interesting how they've improved on the technology ... Jeff Bezos, that's his name! i tracked down the interview on youtube. fascinating!

    thanks for entering our giveaway. nice to meet you! :)



    that's the link to the interview, BTW, in case anyone wants to have a look.

    happy saturday!!!

  13. I've been lusting after this as well. My husband was going to get me one for my birthday this January, but we decided to not invest in the "first generation"...but this is the second...and I WANT IT NOW. Christmas or birthday. I love that you can adjust the size of the font on this!

  14. Well. I think I just about have my mind made up and I'm ready to push the check out button. Specially tonight while eating dinner I was reading a book and it kept closing on me when I tried to turn the page. Yep, that puppy will soon be mine.

  15. Did you push that button? Is the Kindle yours? *grin*

  16. i know what this glad you got one...yes, i am among the jealous...