Friday, November 14, 2008

A Christmas Annie

I've put up my beads for a while and dragged out my sewing
machine. I'm thinking of Christmas and using up my stash
of materials. I got this really cute pattern from an Etsy shop
called bowlsnannies . De is the designer and she makes the
sweetest dolls and offers the patterns for sale.
So I got the one below:

Cyndy Ann...
Isn't she just the sweetest thing? How can you not want one?
Another favorite of mine is this little one, My Annie:

I love her pink hair! It's so sweet. like cotton candy.
So, I have most of the stuff I need, except in all my HUGE stash
of yarn, can you believe that I have NOTHING that could
serve for hair? So I thought I would go to town and check out
the new yarn shop. Needle in a Haystack, keep it local like
I should. It's really a nice shop and the people are so helpful.
I found two patterns that I had to have. Felted slippers like the
flip flops you wear around the swimming pool.
(Remember... warm sunny days:0)
And a pattern for a sweet pair of baby booties.
And yes, I found the two perfect yarns for hair on the Annies.

These are the best colors. But I had a bit of sticker shock when I
paid for the two. Oh well, it's for the Annies....


  1. I'm seeing the aprons in your favorites and wow that's so funny because I've just been thinking about opening a shop for my momma who I'm trying to talk into making cute aprons.
    I wish I could sew myself, but I have enough on my table at the moment!

  2. Heather and I were talking about aprons this week. You choose some beauties! There are lots of free patterns for aprons. I found them doing a google search.
    Those dolls are sweet!

  3. Aprons...I HAVE to wear one as I am the sloppiest cooker you'll ever see! I wear them all the time when I work the church luncheons too. Lorelei, your mom should start a shop. I learned to sew a long time ago and just lately started up again. It used to be less expensive to sew your own clothes, I made a lot of my blouses, but now with Wal-Mart imports, a good cotton material is more than the shirt you could buy.
    But you can't find cute aprons!
    I'm glad to see you are looking at my favorites, I was wondering if anyone did. I thought that since I spend so much time in Etsy, I should do something constructive and put my finds up (it wouldn't hurt the stores) and I have love nice things. De's dolls are very sweet, she makes some cute ones.