Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tool Review

What's this new tool that I have been having fun with?
It's called the EZ Earring Tool and it's made by
Metal Designs. It's a jig for making your own earring wires.
The original one I got for a Christmas present from my
sister (Bev-No Easy Beads). That's the one pictured on the
left, regular fishhook wire earrings. I made some in copper.
Price on that is $25.97 from Widget Supply.

The EZ Earring ll is for french hoops. Made those from Vintaj Bronze
wire I got from Jeanette Blix shop. The jig came from Widget Supply.
They are a "hard tool to find" place and have all kinds of craft and
jewelry making supplies. Fast on the shipping too.
The price on the french hoop jig is $19.97 plus shipping.
These tools are well made and the instructions are simple.


  1. I want one! Guess this means I'll ask our purchasing dept. to stock ' (And the "word verification" your blog gave me for this comment is PUSHER. How appropriate!) Thanks for providing details on this neat tool.

    at Rings & Things

  2. Lately the word verification has been putting up some really strange ones...I had one that said winer...hey that could be me!
    You will love that earring jig...and I'll be sad if you put them up at a wholesale price :(
    And to think I had the first jig for three years before I used it...

  3. I really like the style EZ earring ll makes. The wires are nice. That was a great review.

  4. Thanks for the great report. Looks like a great gift to ask for. Found you on Twitter.

  5. What size wire did you use to make your earrings?