Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Only in my World...

Yesterday I was walking through the grocery
and I came around the isle and there was this
young African American man standing there in
a skirt! OK, I know, it was really a kilt, but it wasn't
plaid, it was made of denim. So I thought to myself
"Dude! what's up with the skirt?". I knew there wasn't
a Highland Festival going on this time of year. I
couldn't stand it so I asked him "what IS that you're
wearing?", to which he told me it was a kilt. I KNEW
He said he was from L.A. (ah ha, that explains everything!)
and he wears them all the time out there because they
are comfortable. Of course, you can, it doesn't snow.!
We ended up having a very nice conversation, he said he
got lots of looks from people, but I was the only one that
ever asked him about it.
That's the beauty of getting older, you aren't afraid to
ask questions. And you get to meet some very nice
people. I only wish my phone could take pictures. It's
about time to renew my service and I think that is one
thing I'm going to add on to it. Then you could have seen
what I did...only in my world!

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