Sunday, September 28, 2008

The wonder of it all.....

Fall Rummage Sale. It got here faster than I expected. One fun
filled, rummage packed week, that I and lots of my friends and
family spend sorting, pricing and selling stuff at church. I always
am amazed that I can do this thing...or should I say blessed?
It isn't me that gets it done, by Friday I am about ready to fall down.
The girls (I call them my posse, I don't think they know it) keep me
going. Oh the wonder of it all........

But I do have things to look forward to. Saturday is the Chapel Hill
Craft Show. I love walking around that one. Lots of great crafty
stuff to look at, especially handcrafted seasonal things...Halloween
stuff is just plain fun. I bought my pumpkins and gourds for
decorating around the outside of my house. My mums are huge
and full of flowers, I got this hanging mum yesterday that is just
beautiful. I'd take a picture today, but its cloudy. So I'll leave you
with a picture of apples, cause this was the coolest display. Last
year at Caesar's Palace. I love apples.....


  1. I saw the apple display at Ceasar's Place this year too! Good Luck with the rummage sale this week. I am going to miss your blog posts while you are away.
    God's blessing on all of you who will be working so hard with the sale.