Monday, September 29, 2008

Love, love, love

I love these beads! Betty Hanssen is the artist. First time I saw these,
it was a set about double what is shown here. It was on Ebay and it
sold for hundreds of dollars. This set is still a little pricey, but
it doesn't make them any less beautiful. I love glass acorns, and leaves,
and....One of these days I'm gonna find my set of beads that I made.
You'll see why I didn't pursue lamp working. But you'll love my goddess.
She looks more like the Venus of Willendorf....need I say more?
Whenever I try to learn a different form of art, I love to save
the first item I make. It's good for laughs down the road.
I survived the first day of the rummage sale! One down, three and a half
to go. I found a set of Mexican Train dominoes, has a station that makes
a train sound and sparkly trains...the super deluxe model! And now
its mine...bwahahahaha! OK, if you don't know what Mexican Train is
you won't understand, but if you want a winter game to play its fun.

1 comment:

  1. The acorn beads by Betty Hanssen are beautiful! The Mexican Train game was a good find. I think I forgot how to play that.