Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Its my birthday today! I am just now 39 years young, and if you
believe that, then I have some property in New Mexico I'd like to
sell you.

My Mom's birthday was on Monday. Here's the birthday girl wearing
her new necklace. (See post below). She loved it! But I blogged
about it before she got and wouldn't you know it, she read my blog
the day of her birthday so she knew what she was getting! We had
the best cake from Golden Brown Bakery....if you ever get to
South Haven, you have go there for a pastry. The cakes are so
yummy...I got cupcakes and took them with us to my hair stylist.
Her and her little girls like them too. But after two days of sweets I
was having nightmares and waking up like a 54 year old woman.
By the way, the decorating on the cake was messed up by me. It was
looking good in the beginning, till I added the letters.

This is my son Aman, he was my birthday surprise.
How could my baby get to be thirty five so fast? Its
a mystery to me. He wants to move back here. So he's
looking for a job and staying with us for a while. I'm not
complaining, but it sure is different having a third
person around. Throws everything out of sync. Its
kind of exhausting really. Aman and my niece went with
us (Sue and I) to get our haircut. Afterwards we went
for dinner at Johnny Carino's. My favorite place for
Italian food. Between Aman and Kayla, the testosterone
and hormones those two were throwing off to the waiters
and waitresses and the ones they were sending back ,
I was getting a headache. Take me home, please......
Anyway for my birthday the boys took me golfing with
them. I'm really liking the game. I hit a tee shot with my
driver that was so sweet! Whack! Straight as an arrow.
But then I missed A LOT of shots, too :P But its all for fun.


  1. I sure is wonderful to see everyone looking so good. The best part is it looks like everyone had a great birthday.
    Aman is such a handsome man. I would love to be home to see him.

  2. I did have a great birthday myself.
    Don't worry you'll see him soon enough;^)

  3. Your mother looks excellent! Happy b-day to you both!:)

  4. Thanks Nancy, sometimes Mom is pretty spry, sometimes not! We are enjoying the pendants, I saw her today and she was wearing hers.
    So I know she likes it.