Friday, September 19, 2008

My week in a nutshell

Let's see, this week went flying by. The 18th was my little girl's eighth
birthday. Happy birthday to you Bailey! She's getting to be my little
old lady now...such a Schnauzer!

I bought a birthday present for my mom from Nancy at
roundrabbit, I couldn't make up my mind so I got for
mom and one for me since my birthday is two days after hers.
I'm thinking she'd like the apple blossoms best. Blue is her
favorite color. It'll be late getting here...but she'll understand.
She already gave me my present...a mug from McDonald's that
holds 14 oz. of coffee and I get free refills till the 31st of December!
I love their, um, um, unlimited refills....
I'll be bouncing off the walls for sure.
I got crowns (temps for now) put on my front teeth and now I am
speaking with a lisp! Not just a little one, but I have to really
think about what I'm saying...its like I have mush in my mouth.
Geary says he couldn't tell the difference..hahaha!!! So I do a lot
of singing in the car and know "she sells seashells...
blah, blah, blah." Sometime it works.
But the good news SON is coming home! I haven't seen
him in three years, maybe four. He called to say he was getting on
the bus and would be here tomorrow night. I am so excited! He's
been saying he was gonna come home for months. He's got more
patience than I do....he's taking the bus all the way from Colorado.
So there it is, my week in a nutshell............


  1. Happy Birthday Bailey!! Roanne, Mom will really like her birthday present. Give Aman a Big Hug from me. You will have to take a picture of him and send to me.

  2. Happy birthday to you and your mom! I mailed your necklaces yesterday so you will have them very soon. Thanks so much!! -Nancy

  3. Hey Bev...I'll for sure take pics. I heard from him this morning and he's in Iowa right now.
    Thanks Nancy, I was so torn as to what ones to pick, I really loved the Japanese that one for another time. Thanks for getting them out so fast!
    Have a great weekend everyone ;^)