Sunday, September 14, 2008

Treasure Hunting

Saturday I decided to get in my boat and sail myself to
Grand Rapids to treasure hunt at the Rings and Things bead
sale. I'm glad I did cause I found some great treasures. This
fall they had an exceptionally large amount different stones.
Lots of pearls, like the kishi ones I found below. Nice quality!

I also picked up:
a strand of apatite roundels
2 strands faceted smokey quartz (I love that stuff)
some yellow jade faceted coins
A really cool stone called blue ryolite...yummy!
amethyst roundels
gold stone faceted roundels
and an excellent quality of lepidolite that I haven't seen in a
long time. I had one strand once and never found the same
quality as that one until Saturday.

There were lots of people and long lines, the rain didn't seem to stop
people from getting out. So I sailed back home safely and here I am.
Speaking of rain, we've had so much here, that today I saw a turtle
leaving the pond for higher! It filled the pond up and
than some. It seems to be moving out now.


  1. You did find some great treasures from Rings & Things. I see you added something new to your sidebar. I am your first follower!!

  2. My first follower! Thank you!
    Yes, I did find a few great treasures. I held myself back as best I could.

  3. love the keishe pearls! looks like you've found some great treasures this time around. I will have to wait until next spring for Rings & Things to return here.

  4. Good selections! Hey, we love to hear comments like "excellent quality of lepidolite that I haven't seen in a long time." This really helps us stock what beaders want.

    Enjoy those beads!

    at Rings & Things

  5. I'll save you some of those apatite rondells Heather, they are really nice too.
    Hey Dave, I should tell you that the group of people that were working are very efficient and fast, even with the long lines it didn't take long to get out. Very friendly too, cause I know they put in some long hours on the road.

  6. Right on.

    I actually heard that the lines were no longer than 10 minutes! That's a high level to try & live up to...I'm heading out tomorrow to work our next string of bead shows. Better drink a bunch of Red Bull. :)