Sunday, August 17, 2008

Treasures and a First for Me

Some of the things I got from Fiber Fest yesterday. Roving for felting.
Kayla and I are needle felting dogs. I know these aren't dog colors,
but aren't they beautiful? Her idea for the dogs, sounded like fun to me.
So we got new foam for her and myself. I didn't realize that foam
could disintegrate like it does. Turns into dust. From light?
Otherwise how can things last any length of time?
Like pillows with forms, etc?

Found some beautiful chenille. Enough for a scarf or maybe two,
depending on what I want to make. I see it used in a kumihimo braid.

And looky here! I am making my first sweater ever. A cardigan for
my baby Brother's first baby. So far so good. If I start now I should
have it done by Christmas which is about the time it's due. So far the
hardest part was converting centimeters into inches. Thank goodness
there's Googles!
I got three good sized eggplants from my garden this week. Eggplant
Parmesans for supper tonight...yummo! Geary better get home soon or
I'm starting without him. My tomatoes are riping fast and I've been
making my favorite salad...Cherry tomatoes, sliced onions, and
black olives covered with Zesty Italian and fresh cut up mozzarella
thrown on top. See Ya!

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