Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have you ever seen?

At first I thought my sister was pulling my leg when she
asked if I'd ever seen a hummingbird moth. I knew I hadn't,
but she said she has them at her house and she found out
from some friends that its a moth. So I went to What's that Bug?
And there really is such a thing! I've never seen one, but that's
because I don't have flowering plants around the yard. And they
are really fast at a hummingbird. So what you thought
was a hummer really could be a moth. Pretty interesting, huh?
I'm gonna keep my eye's open.


  1. Would either of your sisters pull your leg? *grin*
    Don't you love

  2. Of course my sisters would...just like I would theirs...
    I'd never been to that website before, but it is really interesting. Lots of weird bugs all around us.