Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Needle in a Haystack

Well, I think this store will be a little easier than that to find.
Finally, we got our own little yarn store. I haven't visited it
yet, but from the looks of their website, its pretty nice. Maybe
after all the summer crowds leaves I'll stop by. Old SH is growing
by leaps and bounds, we now have a quilt shop, bead store and
yarn shop. Wahoo!

I can't hardly believe that its already Labor Day weekend. This is
our last fun fling of the summer. The annual Arts and Crafts Fair
is this weekend. Bev and I used to do that show every year. Some
times I miss it, sometimes not. We had some good laughs though.
Speaking of Bev. .. I put my Momma on a plane last week so she
could be with Bev while she was healing. But it might be that they
will be coming home. They are making plans, depending on what
Gustav does in the Gulf the next couple of days. I doubt the thing
is just gonna fade away, but pray it doesn't turn into some kind
of monster. Those poor people down there aren't recovered from


  1. What a lovely store. We are packing and waiting to see if we will leave Saturday morning.
    We just may have to go down town and visit this store together.

  2. That's a big for sure. I'm keeping my eyes on the weather.
    Waiting is the hardest part, then all of a sudden-you gotta get out.
    Just plain nuts.