Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's the holiday weekend!

Lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend.
Craft Fair in South Haven,
tonight a play at the Red Barn Theater in Saugatuck.
"8 x 10" Ten minute plays festival, eight plays in all.
I've never been to the Red Barn, but I know its a popular
place in this area. I'll probably wonder why I haven't been
before now. Who says you have to travel out of state
to experience the great things in life? There is so much to
do in Michigan.
Mom, Bev and Art are packed and on their way here from
New Orleans...they are taking Gustav seriously and getting
the hell out of Dodge. I hope and pray that everyone else
has a place to go. We'll see what lessons were learned from
Katrina. What a sad test indeed. Keep them all in your
thoughts and prayers.

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