Monday, September 8, 2008

Taste of Autumn

Its beginning to feel a bit like fall around here. Bailey and I have been
collecting acorns and acorn tops that have fallen from the oak trees.
I love to make the felted balls and add the tops. Looks great in an old
wooden bowl. Lots of things going on around here. Allegan CountyFair
started this week, my FAVORITE thing to go to, all that good old
greasy fair food! Yummo! Walking around the animal barns,
watching the idiots ride those crazy rides. Geary always wins me a
stuffed animal, isn't that sweet?
He really loves when they have the guy in the dunk tank and you
buy the balls to knock him off his perch. Geary has had white hair
since he turned 45 (he's a tad bit older than that now :),
so they always call him an old man, until he throws the balls...
that guy can hit his mark! The guys in the tank get really pissed,
sometimes Geary doesn't even let them get settled back
on before he knocks them off again! Don't call my man "Old"!
Saturday is my bead shopping day...Rings and Things is having
their Fall Sale in Grand Rapids. That is one of my favorite
bead shopping trips. I'm gonna take my "shopping assistant"
Kayla with me. Maybe we'll stop by the lake and see
Aimee and Eric.
Speaking of my family...Bev and Arte spent the week here
while Gustav was having his way with the Louisiana coast.
They went back Saturday, just in time to wait and see what
Ike is gonna do. It's very stressful to have to wait on the weather
like that.
Last, but certainly not least, I'm planning my Third Annual Tailgate Party.
All my family and friends are invited, they bring their own chairs and a
dish to pass. I'm supplying the pulled pork sandwiches. Lots of hearty
fall food and fun times. We play cards and if the weather is permitting,
we are going to Fennville to Crane's Orchards and do the corn maze. Or
just eat apple pie!
No, there's no football at this tailgate party! Everything but. Just a good
fun time.


  1. Not only am I missing the Allegan fair...I am missing the tailgate party too!!! How sad is that.
    Everything was fine when we got home. That was good thing. I hope Ike disappears. I don't think I am up to much traveling so soon. Hugs. Bev

  2. I hope he disappears too! You'll know by the middle of this week.

  3. Hey, Fab Fibers,

    A tip o' the hat to you for mentioning our upcoming Grand Rapids bead show!

    (I slipped in a link to our page about that city, FYI.) ;-)

    at Rings & Things

  4. Hey Dave,
    I love to remind people when R&T comes to town. I'm picking up a couple of catalogs for a local bead shop too. Got my list together!


  5. Rosanne, that's great. We'll see you on Saturday then!

    Somebody mentioned on another blog that it's a good idea to "work out" before one of our shows... So your arms are nice & strong to carry all those beads!