Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Reminder For Everyone

This morning I went for my yearly mammogram.
Its not the most fun thing that I ever do, but its one
of the most important. Next month is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month....don't forget to have your check-up.
I don't have anyone in my family that has had breast
cancer, but I certainly have a lot of girl friends that
have had to deal with it. So be good to yourself...there's
lots of places to get them free if you don't have insurance,
that can't be an excuse...so there ;^P That's all I have to
say about that....
How do you know how much your husband really loves
you? When he brings you McDonald's coffee in a large cup
everytime he goes to town. And he hates the stuff...one time
he spilled a whole cup of coffee in his corvette....I thought
he was gonna pop! But the man is a sweetheart and he loves
me dearly. Oh how I love that man of mine!

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