Saturday, May 10, 2008

I feel like a Grandma!

Happy Mother's Day! I was so happy to wake up and
find that the geese have hatched their babies.
We have 5 little goslings following Mom and Dad
around the pond. So sweet. The little guys have a lot of
obstacles to overcome. Snapping turtles, a hawk,
a pike and who knows what else eats them. Soon as I
can get close I'll get some photos.

The first of the month was our church's annual spring
rummage and bake sale. I think I mentioned at one
time that we do it twice a year. I'm the one in charge
of getting it together, but I have the best group of ladies
that help me. Although they told me there was a method
to their madness too, nobody wants to be in charge!
Its a whole week of craziness that we do twice a year. We
sold just about every thing this year. What we didn't sell
went to the Mission for them to sell. All I have to say is,
I could see what a couch potato I was this
just about killed me.
Other than that I'm still playing with clay, knitting prayer
shawls, and this weekend I am planting my flowers. I think
its safe to say that we won't get a freeze. Knock on wood.
My sister Beverly is coming up from New Orleans this week.
We have lots of beady things planned...some new projects
using fibers, a trip to Milwaukee to the Bead and Button Show.
She's staying for about 3 weeks. Yahoo!!
Have a blessed Mother's Day!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're coming to the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, which runs June 1-8. If you haven't been to the Show yet, you're in for an amazing treat. We have more than 500 classes, hundreds of the very best vendors in the U.S., and many for overseas, social activities, and more. I always find original glasswork to incorporate into jewelry and projects, as well as finished jewelry. It's a lot of fun, especially with friends and family.
    Here's the address for the Bead&Button Show main page:

  2. Thanks Ann, I have been to the B and B show many times! Just my favorite thing to be doing. I even went out to Portland OR once. Usually my sister Bev Herman (NO Easy Beads) is my partner in crime. We can cover the show pretty well, between the two of us we can find some pretty good treasures to bring home. This year we get to help Melanie at Earthenwood Studios (booth 1227). She is doing a demo at Vintaj. Never been on the other side of a booth at a BIG show. Should be fun. Maybe we'll run into each other. Just look for the pair that look like twins!