Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Learning Day

Today I decided I was going to take the time
and do something that I had wanted to do for a
long time. Humblebeads had a tutorial for making
shell beads. Now I don't work with clay, I've
played around with it a long time ago. I also don't
follow directions well...I think I got it from the men
I know. Directions? What are those? I threw them
out with the packaging...I didn't think I needed to
save it. I'm not that bad, but I do tend to jump ahead
of myself or the instructor or the directions, I just
think I should know everything. That being said, the
picture below is what you get when you don't follow
the directions....looks like a pile of poop. Don't you

Its really a pile of clay that I can use for base
beads. I scrapped it all out and started new.
(After I called Heather for help). The pic
below is what you get when you follow directions.
A beautiful cane that looks like shell.

They aren't anywhere as good as what Heather does.
I always come away with a new respect for artists and
their art beads. Just try and make something that looks
as good as what they've been doing for years. They've
put in a lot of time and effort to get the perfection that
we see.

And see that band aid? There are sharp objects, like
razor blades that you have to work with. Dah!
Sweat and that's what I call having fun
with a new project.


  1. Gosh Rosanne you did an excellent job making thoses beads. What are we going to work on when I get there?

  2. I am STILL wanting to give Kumihimo a try. I have the fiber to do it with. And the gadget from the Fiber Goddess. Can't remember what she calls it. Larry has a very inexpensive one at his shop that I might pick up for us to use, if you're interested ;^)

  3. I have a round and square disc for kumihimo braiding and the book. I will both with me. We now have a plan.