Thursday, April 17, 2008

Canadian Geese

Love, love, love!

Our geese are back for the third year. Its such a pleasure
to watch the two of them. They've taken over the pond,
the male won't let anything get in the water for less than
a minute and then its feathers flying everywhere! She has
a nest under the oak tree...sits most of the day. The male
sits under a tree directly across from her and watches

This is the nest, its hard to tell how many eggs she has,
but I could see one for sure. Someone told me they can
have 2 to 3 eggs. I'm hoping they survive this year. The
first year nothing happened. Second year there was one,
but I only saw it once and it was gone. This year we have
a hawk that hangs out...I didn't even put out the bird
feeders, cause that would be too much like a buffet for the
hawk! Then there are the raccoons, a fox, a skunk, and an
owl to get past. Oh, and a snapping turtle or two. (We do try to
get them out of the pond...I'd be really po'd if it got my dog).
How sad is that?

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