Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking a break

Well we made it through the dreaded tax day. Lucky for
us we squeaked by without owing too much and even
getting a little back. Now we can wait for that little
stimulus check that's coming. Can't wait to see how they
figure on getting the money back and probably a little
more. I don't want to sound bitter, but I am realistic.
Just wanted to show off my little girl Bailey. She so
wants me to leave her alone! We're getting rested up
for tomorrow...its suppose to be 70 and sunny...WAHOO!
I was thinking today that the one thing that tells me Spring
is here for sure hasn't arrived yet. The hummingbirds
usually dance in front of the picture window to let me
know its time to put the feeders out. Haven't seen them
yet. Sunday I planted seeds to get a jump on gardening.
I don't do a plot, but I have these containers called
Earthboxes. Its unbelievable how well they work.
I grow just enough for Geary and I...oh and Bailey too.
I have to watch her cause she'll pick the tomatoes off the
vines before I do. She loves the green beans too.

My beautiful beads are here! These are the wafers from
Humblebeads that I won in her drawing. Aren't they
sweet? Today Heather did a post with a bracelet design
for any of us who are living on a budget. Which I never
thought I would have to say, but I am one of those people.
I really have to steer clear of places that I used to go to...
like the bead shop, yarn stores, fabric stores, you get the
picture. No point in torturing myself. Heather shows us
how we can still have beautiful things if we are savvy
shoppers. Thanks Heather...you savvy shopper you!


  1. Hey! Being on a budget isn't too bad. It can be a good motivator to look and dig through our stash and get a little creative. Jess made me a pendant that says, "await better days". things are tight, but we always have what we need. :)

  2. You are so very right about that!
    I know I am blessed. Things are just that; things. I'm gonna go and dig around in some boxes that I have and see what I forgot about...lol!

  3. Wait for me I will dig through those boxes with you!! We can make thing together.
    Bailey looks so sweet.

  4. Throw your boxes in the car when you come home...lets have a bead swap on Mom's kitchen table! Haggling is the new thing to do now. I think we can be good at it.
    Counting the days....