Saturday, May 31, 2008


Look how my little babies have grown! All of a sudden they
look more like the parents than the little things they once were.
We have enjoyed watching them sprout up.
It's just about time for the Bead and Button Show! Wahoo!
Beverly and I are gonna have the best time. Only sad thing is
that as soon as we get home from the show Bev and Mom will
be leaving for Louisiana. Bailey will miss Cricket too. But there
might be a companion for her in the future. Someone has a
Schnauzer that they can't keep for personal reasons and I'm
gonna see how it might fit in with our family. Keeping my
fingers crossed that things will work out.
So that is pretty much what's going on in my world. I am still
healing from the fall I took 2 weeks ago. I think I chipped
the bone in my shin. I had to go to the Doctors, because I
developed an infection in my leg. For a week I had to keep
it elevated and take a heavy dose of antibiotics. It still
swells by nighttime and aches like a son of a gun. How did
I fall you ask? Don't ride your Mother's walker down her
ramp if you can't keep it upright. Although it wasn't entirely
my did I know there was a hole at the bottom and
when the wheel hit it I would fly over the top? But I didn't
crash into her car! I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse...
NOT! I felt like an idiot. I was an!

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  1. Accidents happen. It wasn't your fault but you were quite entertaining!! I am really sorry it is still sore. Another doctor visit might be in order. Keeping my fingers crossed on the new dog. I hope it works out.