Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Florets for Spring

I've been keeping myself busy planting my containers,
getting my garden going. It's not something that gets
done overnight...especially when I have so many other
things to be doing to. Beverly is here and we have been
doing a lot of running around and visiting with all her
children and grand babies (they are so DARN cute!)
The little goslings have doubled in size and Bailey is
finding the goose p--p to roll in, which means an instant
dip in the bath tub...like I have the time to do that on
a regular basis. For such a sweet thing she is the
doggiest dog I've ever had.

But I still read my blogs and manage to spend time
looking through Etsy, where I found this beautiful set
of lampwork beads. The artist name is Susan Sheehan
and she makes these floret beads in lots of colors. Aren't
they sweet? Looks more like candy than glass, I did get
this set , but there are lots more;^).
Other good news, the Beadcruise 2009 is almost full...
only 14 spaces left. It filled in a hurry this time. This is
gonna be one of the best ones yet. Ship leaves from
New Orleans (my favorite city). Bev Herman is showing
us around the city and taking us to Mother's for the best
food in the South. She might be taking us to The
Turquoise Coyote in Ponchatula. That's a bead store you
won't see the likes of in many places! I've been saving
my money...I think I need a part time job. But this
summer I plan on being at the farmers market with a
booth. They built a ceiling over the ice rink and when
summer is here, the rink is removed and the farmers
market is there. Really a great improvement. The first
weekend they had 15 vendors. It might not sound like
a lot, but there weren't tourists yet. I have yet to put
together enough stuff for a display...lol! But I'm working
on it!


  1. FARMERS MARKET!!!! Okay, we have to do that together one weekend when I'm there. I'm hoping for 3 weeks of summertime fun with you guys. I'm also hoping to teach a class one Saturday, a group from K-zoo has been asking. Counting the days girl, counting the days!

  2. That sounds like a plan to me. I was hoping you would be interested in taking the girls to the Silver Lake Renaissance Faire. Its every weekend in July and it is sooo much fun. Just something to think about. Can I come to your class in Kazoo? What FUN!!