Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too tempting!

Counting down to the Bead and Button Show.
Beverly and I are leaving Thursday for WI., we
got our pennies in our pocket and the quarters
for the toll roads (which I think is a ridiculous
amount of money to have to pay).
But wouldn't you know it, Heather at Humblebeads
had to put her seashell collection of beads up on
her Etsy store. And the cutest birds, too. So I
treated myself to a before B and B buy. Speaking
of Heather she is coming to MI in July for a few weeks.
I am so excited. I do believe we will be doing the
Farmers Market at least once while she is here. I
don't know though...its gonna be tough sitting with
a famous bead artist and designer!!! But that's what
Aunts are for. (I will see ALL her designs that she
doesn't normally show us).
Hopefully I will get some good pictures while I'm there.
I'll post them when I get home. Along with a pile of
"treasures" that I found in Milwaukee.

1 comment:

  1. WHat great things you have there. I can see why they were hard to resist!