Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Bad Story with a Happy Ending

I'm back from the Bead and Button Show,
haven't downloaded my pictures yet, just being lazy.
I almost didn't go after all that anticipation.
Wednesday night I was out in the back planting the
rest of my plants before leaving for the weekend.
I wasn't watching my dog, she usually stays out in the
yard while I plant. So while I was watering the container
I look over and here is Bailey chomping on something
by the garage door. So I yell at her, go over to see what she
was chewing on and darn if it wasn't a piece of rat poisoning
that WAS NOT suppose to be in that garage for obvious reasons.
So I gather the pieces, grab the dog, run to the phone and
start calling vets. And of course since its 9 at night,
all I get are recordings! RATS, double RATS!
Finally I find an emergency vet service in Kalamazoo
(40 miles away). I start forcing peroxide down her to
make her vomit and Bev comes to drive me to Kazoo.
On the way she throws up once in the towel (gross...all
foamy). We get her to the vets, rummage through the
vomit in the towel...she ate way more than I thought.
They make her vomit one more time...this time she
brings up more grass and a baby bird...where did she
get that? I swear she'll eat anything that doesn't eat her
first. I mean she swallowed that baby bird whole. The vet
looks at me like I'm the irresponsible parent that I am.
Makes me feel awful, cause I totally love my little girl.
So we give her a dose of activated charcoal and vitamin K
pills. I have to keep her really quiet for three weeks so she
won't bleed out on me. I really feel like we caught her
soon enough, but how much poison does it take in her
system to kill her? I didn't ask, mainly cause I don't want
to really know. I've been carrying her up stairs and down
the stairs, putting her on the couch, taking her off the couch,
I am about broken myself. As for the poison, its out of the
garages for good. Back to the sticky papers for the rodents.
And Bailey is sitting like a Queen in my arms, enjoying all the
attention she's getting. Clueless.


  1. Holy cow, I hope she's okay!!!! Very scarey!

  2. I am pretty sure she's gonna be all right. Poor girl is feeling like I'm punishing her. No playing with toys or running around outside. I got my eye on her trying to keep her quiet.