Monday, October 29, 2007

Classic Black and White

This is a special set I made for my niece Kayla. She's a tough
one to get anything for. Being a teenager is one reason, the
other is that her and my tastes run totally opposite of each other.
Maybe it's our age differences? or am I too eccentric and just not
cool? I remember I was cool at one time....
But with these fine beads from Earthenwood Studios, I knew I
couldn't go wrong! I just added a simple cord to the necklace,
used some black horn that I've had for ages, the leaves were
perfect. For the bracelet, I add crystals, some silver beads and
Melanie's accent beads and I had another winner.
I was thinking the other day while I was shopping, that I could
tell by the color (mostly black) that it was getting close to winter.
I always wear a lot of black in the winter time. Probably cause its
too freaking hot to wear in the summer? Ya think?

1 comment:

  1. Look at you Miss Rosanne!! You have created a beautiful set for Kayla. I bet she loves them. I sure do