Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or Treat!

I treated myself to a wonderful bead
Those two have gotten together and created
some really great art beads. I had seen their
booth at the Bead and Button show, but it
was so full of beautiful things that I couldn't
make up my mind, so I just walked away.
How ridiculous is that? So last week I got
this wonderful Halloween bead and I spent
this week making a spiral rope with a
green center and matte black seedbeads.
I threw in a few orange ones for good
measure and added color. I bought two
pumpkin beads and made a pair of earrings.
Love Halloween! Bugs and Hisses to all!


  1. How cool is that!! You picked the perfect colors for the spiral. That is a great necklace!!

  2. Love this! I posted it on today's Art Bead Scene. I hope you will enter it in our challenge this month!

  3. Thanks ladies! Melanie, I am honored that I get to show up again on the ABS. Bev... you, and the ABS keep me inspired. Thanks again!