Friday, June 1, 2007

The Best Thing About Sisters

Sisters are the best...especially mine. Beverly is here from New Orleans. She brought Mom home from her stay down there. So tonight we pretended we were going to start on our beading projects, but instead we had our own "Bead Swap". We spent most of the night going through each others beads and swapping bits and pieces of each others private stash. Such fun!! Maybe tomorrow we'll start on our Bead Journal Project. We are both signed up for Robin Adkins bead embroidery project. Its a year long venture and I'm really looking forward to doing it. But that's another story entirely and I'll talk about that later. Besides, I have some new beads to drool over and that's what I'm gonna do right now...


  1. Rosanne the best things about sisters is having two of them.
    I am the lucky sister to have you and Sue!! I can't wait to start on my bead journal. Hopefully in the next couple of days

  2. YOU have a blog. insane!
    Keep posting, I'm going to add you to my blog links and check back often. pull out that digital camera!


  3. Bon Voyage on the BJP! Love to see pictures as you go. This project is just SUCH a boost to the creative juices.

  4. The best thing about sisters is they are sisters! Nothing like them. We can fight and make up. We can tell each other things we can't tell anyone else. Oh, sisters are wonderful