Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have electricity!

Alrighty now! We finally got electricity this afternoon.
It's not like we suffered, because we do have a generator,
but its an inconvenience just the same. I'm still happy to
feel a little more "normal".
I put the pictures of Harborfest on my Flickr . Even got
the sequence in the right order. I discovered something
new today, but I won't explain it cause you all probably
know about uploading pics anyway.

It was a little cool and foggy in the morning. But that was
all right, it made for a perfect day when the sun did come out.
There were quite a few people there first thing. They had
tours of the lighthouse.

The large stage where music played all afternoon and
evening. First thing they did was have the local Dance Studio
girls do a recital for us. Lots of fun to watch and most of the
girls were pretty good. Once they got over their stage
fright that is.
Some more pictures of the boat racers. It looks like a pretty
exhausting job. They don't get much time to practice, cause
the boats get there just before the festival. So whatever
conditioning they do has to be done in the gym. You could
tell who was fit and who wasn't! I'd have probably croaked!


  1. Great pictures Rosanne. I went to take a look at all of them. I love all the boats in the harbor. South Haven is a great place to live.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks like fun! Glad you finally have electricity! What would be do without it???

  4. South Haven is a fun place most of the time. I always have to prepare myself for when I go to town though...there are so many rude people from "The Big City".
    Sue, we are way to dependant on electricity.

  5. Hi Rosanne, now that you have electricity, do you want to play? I tagged you. Visit my blog!!