Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Pretties

It hasn't been a very productive week so far for me, but
I did put together a couple of bracelets and I really liked
the way they turned out....

A Humblebead focal with Vintaj bead caps and a beautiful
robin's egg raku lampwork bead from Sue Beads
(who I hear is going to Portugal, you lucky girl you, and is
giving you free shipping if you buy her beads by Saturday).
Along with some lava beads from Rings & Things and
faux beach glass from my local bead store. Let me tell you,
it looks great on a tanned arm...being that my arms and the
tops of my feet are the only things getting brown.
Who turned the oven on, cause I am cookin' this week!

Another bracelet I really like. Its a rather weighty piece.
Another Humblebead, this time her owls (so cute!).
A few of Heather's disk beads and lots of Czech glass, a
couple lampworked beads from my personal stash
(meaning I've had them for so long I can't remember
where I got them)and some beads from Quest Beads.

I wire wrapped the owl and made the clasp from wire
purchased from Bello Modo. I really like Heather's
whimsical creatures, they just make things fun.


  1. That owl bracelet is FAB-U-LOSITY!

  2. Cute bracelets! You've done more than I have this week...Hopefully, I will get back in the swing of things tomorrow evening since I am off on Friday....

  3. Cute bracelets! My studio is getting set up by Saturday, the parents will be gone and I will miss them but I NEED TO CREATE!


  4. I love the beach blue stones with the lava beads. The you have the owl in the perfect setting surrounded by humblebeads and brass. Beautiful pieces!!

  5. Love the new Bracelets! I want some of that beach glass!! I can not believe how awesome it looks!


  6. Rosanne, how beautiful are these??!! Just love the first one!

  7. Thanks everyone!!
    I love that faux glass too.

  8. Love the top one the best! I guess it's the blue and the mix of metal and ceramics.

  9. These are both gorgeous, but I especially like the first one. Why aren't any of MY local bead stores selling those cool "beach glass" type beads? Rats!

  10. I love the owl bracelet!!! the combination of the owl bead and the other beads is amazing!!!

  11. Where is your shop on Etsy. where do you sell your jewelry? I really love the owl bracelet!!!

  12. Maria, contact me at

    My Etsy shop is: 2ndhandrose

    I'm making the commitment to open,
    right here, right now!