Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day at Harborfest

Only have time to show one picture of the Dragon Boat
races on the river. We had terrible storms come
through here early Friday morning and evening.
Winds were clocked at 60 mph and lightning strikes
at the rate of 2000 an hour. That was a lot of lightning..
looked like strobe lights. Needless to say large trees
were downed and electric poles snapped in half.
We are running the generator, so we have to turn off
the air to run the computer. And wouldn't you know it,
its humid and in the 80's now. Only sounds bad to me,
cause we have had very cool temps up till today.
I need air, more than the computer...such a sissy.
Anyway Kayla and I made a day of walking
around the river and going in the downtown stores.
So I'll have more on Harborfest later.


  1. I think Art should work for the travel and weather channel for South Haven. He was full of information this afternoon. I love the picture of boat. Can't wait to see more pictures of harborfest.

  2. You guys have certainly had your share of the nasty weather...Meanwhile, we are still melting and envying you with temps in the 80s and humid (beats near 100 and humid!). The dragon boat looks cool - can't wait to see more!