Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mixed Tapes Challenge - Class of '73

Class of '73...that's me.
I've been spending the last couple of days
tripping through memory lane with my husband.
Humblebeads has a contest going on...
Share your favorite high school songs,
make a playlist, find some pics from your
high school days. Three chances to win some
great Humblebead prizes. So I've put together
my playlist for your listening enjoyment.
Yes, I know all the words to the songs and the
memories they dredge up are the most fun.
Thanks Heather for the laughs.


  1. Touch Me by the doors. Remember sitting in Dimogio's waiting for pizza mimicking the words to that song. Cracks me up to remember that!

  2. I graduated in '83, and I LOVED Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd! But by the time I went to college, I loved all the alternative stuff that had just started (Thomas Dolby, REM, etc!). Funny to think of REM as alternative now, huh?

  3. hey, i liked some of those songs in high school too. I think it was called freedom rock by then. just teasing!

    that's a great photo, i bet appleyards took it.

    Thanks for sharing and playing along.

  4. Another contemporary! Class of '75 here. Loving hearing some of my old favs on your play list.

  5. Freedom Rock are you serious?
    I'm gagging on that one Heather!
    It's called Classic Vinyl on XM radio, which is what I am...a classic!

    And Bev, Dimaggio's is still serving pizza and beer like it did way back then. It hasn't changed a bit. We should go there this summer just for s---s and giggles!

    Leann, I wouldn't trade our music for anything that's out there now.

    Sue, the 80's had great stuff too.
    I liked the Eurythmics, Devo, Duran Duran...I think I'll go make me another playlist!

  6. Class of '71 here! *smiles* Isn't this fun?!

    I think I'm the oldest one playing in Heather's contest *hee hee*.

    I'm happy that Heather had this contest so I could visit some new-to-me blogs.

    Here's a direct link to my post for the contest:

    Hope you stop by for some laughs :)

    I will definitely be back to visit your blog . . . love your creations!