Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kindle2 Update

I got my Kindle2 just a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely
love it! I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner, cause
it would have saved me a lot of money for books I bought over
the year. Even though you have to purchase the books anyway,
through Amazon. I just finished reading The Host by
Stephanie Meyer. I got so caught up in it, I have been staying
up way past 2 in the morning reading for the last few days.
I'm getting kind of tired! Maybe the novelty of it
will wear off in a bit, but I really enjoy reading, so maybe not.
I do have to force myself to do something else other than read.
I made another playlist for reading by. He's a Korean composer
and pianist. Great music to relax by.


  1. I've thought about the Kindle because we have just run out of room for books. Do you miss turning a page? Can you read in bead? The music is beautiful!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying your Kindle. I just finished Breaking Dawn. I have read all 4 books twice now. It's time to start beading again!

  3. I don't miss turning the pages at all Leann. No more dropped books and losing your spot on the page.
    There is only one down side that I see and it would be that the printed surface is a little darker than I would like. But I bought a $9.00 light that hooks on the Kindle and it makes it plenty bright enough. Which is good at night when I want to read in bed and Geary is trying to sleep. I haven't tested a many of its other possiblities, I bought some good books and I am reading them. I took it to work and read and did some assemblies, it wasn't the easiest, but I get so consumed by the stories I read that I stop what I'm doing. If I want to use my hands I get audios from the library, this is suppose to play audios also, I'm just wondering if its read by the reader or by the electronic dude inside...I'll have to check it out. I like Yiruma a lot.

  4. I'm finishing the last book too.
    I know I have to let them go and get my own!

  5. Thanks for the info! I like the whole idea of portability. Books just get messed up in my bag. And I always read later in bed than Peter so he'd probably appreciate it too.