Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Miracle and other wonders in my world

Who knows what prompts Mother Nature into growing
things that just should not be there. I planted these
daffodils at least 15 years ago. I think they came up the
first year and after that they never showed up again.
Did they lay dormant all these years waiting for the
right atmospheric conditions? Did the deer usually get
to them before they could blossom? Regardless of what
prompted them, they are there in the pasture surrounded
by deep grass...a miracle!

This is Katie, the k-9 wonder dog. She the girl of our best
friend. One of those designer dogs, you know, a Labradoodle.
Part golden Lab, part poodle. Only 9 months old and monster
of a dog. But really pretty sweet. I asked Jim as I petted
her and pulled out gobs of hair "aren't these dogs suppose to
be hypoallergenic and shed free?" Jim says the only ones
who believe that are the breeders that sell them! Wouldn't
want that mess in my house. There's something to be said
for small dogs, like my Bailey. Maintenance free,
just the way I like things.

I caught this picture of her just as she flopped down to play
with me. Reminds me of a Muppet.

And last a picture is of my nephew. He's 5 months old now.
Mom and I are going out to see him ( and his mommy and daddy,
of course)in June. Before he gets past the baby stage.
His little shirt says Captain Crabby...
now I ask you, does he look the least bit like a crabby baby?


  1. Those daffies are beautiful. It's amazing that you've never seen them since you first planted them. Katie looks a lovely dog and I can't imagine that bably ever having a cranky moment.

  2. Love the daffodils. Perfect music for going along with the surprise of those beautiful flowers that have been dormant for so long!

  3. Katie the Labradoodle is too cute!
    The daffodils are beautiful. I know you feel like spring is really here now. I am excited you get to go see Dane. He is growing up so fast.

  4. Love the daffydils! So pretty! And thanks for posting pictures of them - they don't last long down here, so I have to live vicariously through others...

    Katie (the dog) is very cute...And you don't know shedding till you've lived with a Malamute (trust me!)...It is nice to have a Bailey that doesn't shed - if my Bailey decided to shed, she would be bald :o)

  5. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment on my flowers and the other pictures. I love the spring flowers, they just shout happy.
    Kelly, I didn't plan for the music to go along with the flowers but it does seem to, doesn't it? I really like Yiruma.
    Katie...I bet you do have a lot of hair. I have a friend that had six large dogs...2 collies, 1 German Shephard, 1 Border Collie and an American about dog hair! She was constantly vacuuming. Crazy stuff.