Friday, April 17, 2009

My Metal Pendants

I have things I want to talk about but
no time to do here's a picture or
three of some pendants I made on the
Bead Cruise.
From Mary Hettsmanberger's class.
Okay it wasn't under my bed, but we did have the
biggest dust bunny rolling down the hallway
this morning. Unbeleiveable! Did you know
people actually make critters out of rolled up
dust bunnies they've collected...I don't think so.
So I'm off for!


  1. Beautiful pendants! I love Mary Hett's book but I've yet to do anything with. Dust bunnies...well...with 2 dogs in our house, we've got dust rhinos!

  2. Your pendants turned out great!

    Oh...And speaking of dust bunnies...We get "clouds" at my house - we have an Alaskan Malamute who sheds year 'round since we live in Texas...So, we come home to little "clouds" of fur floating around the house...

  3. Love the pea pod pendant!!!
    I don't call them dust bunnies in my house, they're cat tumbleweeds:)

  4. Your pendants are so cool. It was fun seeing the different designs that came out of Mary's class.

    It's hard to have a dust bunny around when you have an Artie Merle!!

  5. I love your Stacked Spinners and Pod!
    Sheesh, your dust bunnies are cute! We have more the cat tumbleweed kind (very nice wording, Jennifer)

  6. The pendants were lots of fun to make and that class was inspiring.
    Thanks everyone for the kind words.
    Really, my dust balls should be that cute. I have a hypo-allergenic girl so its not her hair, 'specially since they float off the light shelf over our
    Bev, thank goodness for Arte Merle, Geary goes at things kinda like he does :)

  7. Your metal pendants are really nice. How lucky you were to have a class with Mary Hetts. But the best part the metal is so fun to work with.