Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good News!

This is an old picture of Bailey, but its one of my favorites.
She doesn't get those snowballs on her feet like she used to,
cause her Momma bought her boots to wear.
Aha...spoiled brat.
Just to let you know, my Aunt had her surgery and made it into
recovery. She is stable and we are on our way to see her today.
It took all of 12 hours and 5 Doctors to do this task.
Bone was take from her shoulder and a metal plate put in
her jaw to replace part of the bone. Lymph nodes removed,
with only one having enough to be biopsied.
But that was attached to her jugular vein and part
of the vein had to be removed. Thanks for all your thoughts
and prayers, she's got a long road of recovery ahead
and needs those prayers to help her through. I
totally believe in the power of prayer.
Again, thanks! I'll be back the beginning of next week.
Unless I find a computer in the lobby.
(It's like going through withdrawal not having a computer).

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