Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Color Splash, and Great News

While we were in Ann Arbor visiting my Aunt in the hospital.
I happened to look up a bead store that I thought we could
go take a peak at after visiting hours. It was kind of a nerve
soothing adventure, as hanging around the hospital
just drains everything out of you. And since the store was
just a mile down the road from the hospital I knew we
would be able to find it easily enough. The name of the store
is The Bead Gallery. Its located on East Liberty.
A really nice place with all kinds of good stuff.
I found double drilled wood, lots of springy colors and
lots of faceted things. They also have stones, pearls, crystals...
just everything you could want in a bead store. But........

What I really seem to have a craving for is the color red.
I can't get enough of it! I even bought a couple of red shirts.
The other day I stopped at our local bead shop and picked
up some things for my sister. I couldn't help but grab these
red seed beads and glass pearls, AND the cinnabar pieces.
It's that just a lovely red pile? Now I better
get busy and make me something before Valentine's Day.

There is good news about my Aunt.
She's coming home on Thursday. It was unbelievable
how fast they want you up and moving. The second day
she was sitting up in a chair and the day we left they had her
walking the halls. She had more stitches than the
Bride of Frankenstein and I don't say that to be funny.
It was a major reconstruction. And tonight they
removed the last of the drainage tubes and some
of the stitches. Still has the trachea tube,
but her breathing is great. They even had her blowing
in that little breathing apparatus through the trachea.
She will still be fed through a tube for the next month
at least till her jaw heals. Bless her little heart.
She is not gonna take this sitting down.


  1. That's great that your aunt is doing so much better! And, I know what you mean about being in different color "moods"...I do the same thing...I don't mean to be monochromatic sometimes, but that's just where my mind keeps taking me :o)

  2. That is good news about Aunt Marie.
    oh girl look at those reds!! They are beautiful.

  3. That is wonderful news about Aunt Marie. I heard that she is a tough cookie and recovering very quickly.

    I want that pile of red beads!

  4. It did feel good to have something positive to say about Aunt Marie.
    It's ok Katie to be a little monchromatic, just as long as we can step outside the box.
    I love my red pile of beads too.
    Red is a powerful color.