Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Dane and a Great Dane

Mom and Dad got to bring Dane home on Monday.
He's doing so much better. I guess they are still monitoring
his heart, but after the last echo cardiogram things
were much improved. I got to hear him complaining last
night while I talked to my brother. He's just like
his daddy, got lots to say! I want that blanket he's
wrapped up in. This week is the coldest of the year.
Even the dog needs her coat on when
she goes outside and she won't stay out long.
Speaking of dogs and Danes....this is a picture that
is so wrong! My nephew Ray and his horse of a
Great Dane named Boudy. Ray isn't the biggest
man in the world but that dog makes him look
pretty tiny. If I wanted something that big, I'd
get me a pony and a cart. Imagine the size of
the pooper scooper they must own!


  1. great pictures!

    That dog of Ray's still thinks he is a puppy. He was trying to snuggle in Ray's lap when I went to visit.

    Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to Michigan today.

  2. That's an awesome dog! I want one just like him. :)