Friday, January 30, 2009

Beautiful Bead

Isn't this a beauty? I absolutely fell in love with it, then
I bought it. Kristin Child is the lamp work artist. Her
Etsy shop is redsidedesign. And she's having a sale,
25% off on her beads. The pictures do not do justice to
the bead. This is so yummy and I'm keeping it for myself.
And since I'm keeping with the theme of hearts lately,
here's one Kristin has for sale too.
Hmmm...theme of hearts - Queen of Hearts...
Queen of everything...don't I wish!


  1. That is beautiful. You forgot Queen wantsa lot. I think that is me. *grin*. 27 days and counting!

  2. These beads are flippin' amazing.

    thanks for sharing!!

    OMG, 27 days!! I need to get a new bathing suit!

  3. Bathing suit? How am I gonna lose
    enough weight in 27 days to look decent in!

  4. I never said I was going to look decent, ha ha ha!!!
    what you see is what you get baby!!

    OWN IT!

  5. Oh my gosh, these look as beautiful as my flowering tea! Great finds :)

  6. I don't know, it didn't smell like a flower or a tea when I kissed it Beth! *grinning like an idiot*
    That's just a joke, I don't always
    kiss my beads, No Easy Beads knows what I mean.......