Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring's almost here...

Yep, spring is almost here, we can see the deer moving.
OK, that's not my joke someone sent it to me,
but it was kind of cute. Poor things, I really haven't been
seeing any critters lately. They seem to be hunkered down
for a while. I was thinking that Ground Hog Day is almost here.
I love that movie with Bill Murray, must have watched it
a dozen times.
Mom made it out to Arizona to see Dane and his parents
yesterday. I hope she's enjoying the warmth.
I know she's having fun with the baby.
I love this picture.


  1. She looks happy.
    I love the photo of the snowman you have there.
    No snow here in Miami:(

  2. Ah...the sunshine state!
    One of these days I'm sure we'll be living somewhere warm. If Geary had it his way we'd have been out of here years ago. Until then I'll make the best of it.
    Too bad I'm so clumsy, the skiers,snowmobilers,and skaters are happy as heck!
    Seriously, enjoy your warm and sunny day!